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An In-Depth Review of Solar Panel Prices

solar panel pricesWhether you’re looking to buy solar panels or are thinking about solar panel prices, there are many things to consider so you understand their benefits. With the increasing population and destruction of trees earth is close to ruin. Scarcity of natural resources has also become a major problem. Considering the concerns of global climate change, solar energy has become reliable as a renewable source of energy causing no pollution, consistent and steady source of energy. Solar energy is going to last forever, it never runs out. On the other hand, other natural resources like oil and coal are estimated to last the next 30 or 40 years.  If you need more info, you can look up solar panel prices at Go Green Academy.

Use of Solar Energy

Solar Panel: Solar panels produce electricity from sun’s heat. It is also called a solar PV system. The panel or module consists of semiconductor materials like silicon. It absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into AC (Alternating Current) or DC power.

Heating water: Solar energy can be used to heat water. It can save you a lot of money. You can increase the efficiency by 15% to 30% by replacing your conventional electric heater with a solar water heater.

Cooking with solar energy: Cooking with the usual resources like electric oven, can cost you a lot of money. Have you ever considered cooking with a solar oven? It is very cheap and easier than you think. A solar oven powered by only sun’s energy can save you a lot of money. A box, aluminum foil, duct tape and a cooking bag that is all you need.

Ten advantages to consider about solar panel prices

  1. Sustainable source of energy: Solar energy is an everlasting source of energy. We can rely on it because it is consistency. Using solar power for our uses might not compromise the ability of future generation.
  2. Renewable: It means it is never going to run out. According to NASA, the sun will be alive for another 6.5 billion years and we will be able to access solar energy till that time.
  3. Environment friendly: Solar energy causes no pollution to the environment or habitat. Excess use of oil and gas has caused a large amount of green house gas emission which is the main cause of global warming. By using solar energy, we can reduce the pollution and decelerate the global climate change.
  4. Cost efficient: Solar energy can be used to produce power in the remote areas where it is very expensive to set up a power plant.
  5. Easy to maintain: Solar panels do not require continuous maintenance as they do not have any moving parts.
  6. Creating employment: Production of power from solar energy, building and installing solar panels, heaters and research can create employment opportunities.
  7. Storage of excess power: Modern technologies have enabled us to store the excess generated power to use in future needs.
  8. Versatility: Solar power can be used for many appliances besides household. It can serve low power purposes too such as watches, calculators.
  9. Solar powered vehicles: According to recent researches, solar power can be used to run vehicles which can save us a lot of money and reduce pollution.
  10. As an earning source: production of power from solar energy can pay you by getting tax credit and incentives from government.


How To Use A Quadcopter To Take Videos

The Aerial Video shot is a new trend emerging for producing low-altitude imagery through the use of lightweight, remote-controlled (RC) helicopter drones or quadcopters. This technology enables for stunning aerial shots that can be utilized for different sorts of videos which includes genuine estate videos, construction videos, action-sports and films. There are a lot of more utilizes for aerial filming, but these industries are early adopters of this new trend. Transparency Market Investigation finds that the aerial photography marketplace is expected to attain $1993.3 million by 2019, with most of the revenue coming from the U.S. marketplace. Most of the demand will arrive from the genuine estate, construction and the natural resource management sectors. Elevated demand is also expected from urban arranging and insurance coverage fields.  If you wish to own one, but don’t know where to start, check out this website that has reviews of the best quadcopters for beginners.

There are a lot of aspects to take into account when choosing to execute aerial filming. Right here are some ideas for successful aerial video production:


The most crucial issue is the climate. It is advisable to film on a day when the winds are much less than 10 mph and typically the optimum circumstances are in the morning. I’ve watched a lot of aerial videos and in nearly all of them there are some shaky shots. I feel it is the nature of this type of videography because often the drone can encounter a sudden gust of wind.

Type of Drone to Use

The next most crucial issue is the type of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or drone to use. The least expensive ones are quadcopters which are little and lightweight but endure from lack of stabilization controls like a gimbal. A gimbal is a assistance technique that can handle the camera on the roll and pitch axes. It also compensates for the movement of the drone the greater gimbals can also pan and tilt the camera. A appropriately adjust gimbal can stabilize the camera properly sufficient to yield “movie” top quality shots. A hexacopter with a steady gimbal is the greatest selection for a flawless video shoot and. The added propeller and weight of the hexacopter may offer more steady experience than with a quadcopter, but it’s not better for beginners.

Type of Camera to Use

You should also pick the lightest camera attainable for your desired outcomes. Most quadcopters can only fly 8-10 minutes with a DSLR due to the limitations of the batteries. If you fly a Go-Pro then expect 20-25 minutes. Your selection of camera depends on your final use, if you want high top quality, lovely shots then I recommend utilizing a lightweight DSLR like the GH-3, or a Canon 5D series. Go-Pros can appear excellent, but they just don’t have the image top quality of a DSLR. It really is advisable to have several added battery packs on hand, especially if you intend to be filming all day.

Have a Monitor System

You have to see what the drone is filming in order to get the greatest shots, so a excellent wireless monitor technique is a requirement. The terminology in the UAS globe is FPV which stands for Initial Particular person View. Our aerial video technique has two monitors, one for every single remote handle. The best filming circumstance is to have 2 drone operators. One just pilot’s the drone, and the other operator utilizes the second remote-handle to adjust the camera tilt and pan.


Lastly, you need to take security into consideration. You can not fly within 5 miles of airports and nor can you fly above a crowded place. Also, you have to keep under 400 feet and within a line of sight to the UAS. Currently, the legislation covering little drones is murky. The are legally classified as “Model Aircraft” and subject to the laws governing model or hobby aircraft. Recently a FAA court case was settled in favor of the defendant when a judge dismissed all charges against a drone pilot who had been aerial filming more than a college campus last year. This led drone enthusiasts to celebrate but the FAA swiftly appealed the selection. According to Inman news, the FAA is presently drafting a rule for little drones expected to be released in late 2014.

How Exciting!

Flying quadcopters is a lot of exciting and the cinematic beauty of the footage is quite rewarding. I am certain the government will come to their senses and recognize this is a lucrative and required resource which requirements to be regulated fairly. In the meantime keep obtaining incredible aerial footage and have exciting practicing and experimenting with diverse maneuvers. Surely engineers will keep inventing smaller sized and more steady drones and lighter video cameras. I can not wait to see what new advancements will arrive this year!