Why I Love My Family

Wealth comes in many forms. Wealth is gauged by many people as having such, automobiles, toys, or cash or high-priced houses. And for many, including myself, wealth is about family. For me, having a loving, supportive family unit is perhaps the most authentic of the invaluable treasures of life.

Do I consider our family unit to be such a treasure? Let me illustrate with an image most everyone can relate to: a home. Consider for a minute what a home means to you. It’s a house, a place where you are able to be supported and surrounded by what makes your life meaningful. It’s your segment of the world where you feel the most safe, where it is possible to be the most “you,” and where you’re most welcomed.

Our “home” starts with the foundation of religion. It’s the base onto which the house will be built upon. With our “home,” Mama was the architect and builder of the structure. Roof, the walls, and beams are our family, reinforced and attached with our support, love, history, warmth, and enjoyment. Daddy, who was the provider and protector of the family, built a fence around our “house” in order to keep us safe.

The “walls, roof, and beams” included Mama, Dad, six brothers and sisters, and me. Mom had set the examples and targets for our everyday living. We’d had a particular code to live by. Family came first and our values mattered. We were taught to love, accept, and support each other and to be there for one another in the great times and the poor.

Mama’s architectural design for our “house” had stemmed from her own experiences growing up in her family. Her parents had fought during difficult societal times including World War 1 and the Depression. Her sisters, her parents, and she had to bear wartime dilemmas of their own with her brothers being sent to fight during World War 2.

Mama had become a master contractor of the family unit. Even now, though Mama and Dad are all watching us from above, we are a tight family. It truly is the constant that hasn’t changed over the years.

It’s never much mattered the actual size of our actual house holds, things like that, or the sum we had in the bank. Our family’s success has come in the kind of devotion, ample love and support. Occasionally, help came in the kind of money. But occasionally, it came in just being there, setting a supportive arm over a wounded shoulder, coming over and listening.

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and variances. One brick, one board, one wall at a time, though any family can be built. And in that family unit, its members will find greater abundance than anyone could conceive of.

Beware Of Child Abuse: It’s Sometimes Subtle.

Who is anyone to say what “abuse” actually is? Everything turns out to be the same result. Someone is hurt and the psychological scars an person has to live with for the rest of their lives can at times be very disastrous or cause impairments.

Another question so many ask is why does an abused individual stay where they are being mistreated? The response is simple, because they don’t understand that there is a way out, they do not realize that no matter how old they are, that they can begin a new life, or that there is hope and help for them out there. They do not know that they aren’t alone.

I’m talking from personal experience and at one time I was one of those people, I want to get this out there to anyone who is living any sort of an abused life; there is help out there, there is hope, and there’s a better life. All that you have to do is take that measure, you have courage to endure after all an abused life have been living. You’ve endured the horrors all that you need to do is add some bravery to it and take that survivors instinct and take that measure.

My response to you is, yes it’s not that difficult, and it as simple as said than done, and I have been where you are. You’ve got a choice and you are full of more power than you actually understand. I am not going to lie, it isn’t easy starting over but I can tell you that you will be happier and healthier away from it. You may discover things about yourself that you never thought you had or have forgotten that you had.

You’ll be on a very long road to recovery, but that’s the significant part- strengthening, building, recuperating, and becoming proud of yourself. There is no one out there after you determine that you want to live and that can alter your scenario aside from you, only you can do this and you desire to live all the things that you simply dream about, reach out and call your local Abuse and Crisis center. They will help and they’re there, they’ve programs that will help you learn, heal, and proceed with your life. Only do it, give yourself a possibility of a wonderful life.

As for the ones that can’t reach out and call for help, I’m talking about the kids. They need our help, when a person see’s a kid being ignored call someone, do something to help that child, give them a chance to have a life. Help to set their abuser away, they need us. Contact local law enforcement or the local Kids Protection bureau. Reports can be anonymous. Let’s help those that can’t help themselves, lets help those who have their voices silenced.

The Challenges People Face In Their Homes

It was Aristotle, in his Social Philosophy who has defined the significance of family in society. According to him, the family is the basis for community, but he does not satisfactorily establish the worth of the individual and the inherent goodness of marriage and family. Sovereignty and the superiority of the political regime overshadow the family.

Today, the whole Catholic community observes The Feast of the Holy Family. The Holy Family is just an example of what every family could be. However, the family now-a-days is being faced with several challenges which puts the family in a predicament.

You might be asking yourself, what can be the potential challenges for the family today? There are several potential challenges for the family and among these different challenges are the following:


Individualism is practically a social mindset that stresses the moral value of the person, an ideology. This school of thought technically favors and uplifts the person as an entity that require or does not need other members of the family. The school of thought where I can live without assistance from other individuals that encompass me and am amazing.


This school of thought or ideology focuses more on achieving pleasure. For as long as an activity provides pleasure, whether it be physically or emotionally, I don’t really worry about what others do, think, or would say. My aim as an individual is simply to reach the highest form or amount of delight.

Because they begin to bring dysfunction in the family itself both these political orientations are considered dangers in the family.

Such political orientations that makes it hard for parents in order to teach their children fundamental ethos is being ruined and destroying the family structure and for the kids to have an understanding of what’s right and what’s erroneous. The teachings of individualism and hedonism turn to wriggle notions of right and wrong, of good or bad, etc.

This is the new challenge for families now. Hedonism on the other hand, destroys the unity of the family by pushing theory that I would only follow my parents or work with other family members for as long as the job is pleasurable but if I don’t find happiness in it, then I ‘d not do it. Given both theories, how can we currently raise our children and how can we teach them the worth of family?

A challenge that will cause the total dysfunction of society. This is something that we, as a nation, as a state should face and conclude. A challenge that isn’t only present in the Philippines but also in families settled in states and other countries.

Bringing Unity In My Family

Bringing in unity among family members requires flexibility, integrity and skill as well. Why is unity so important? Well because unity is in itself strength.

In a burgeoning home and family, obligations are just a couple such as, paying off bills, earnings, looking after non-school going children, cooking, doing grocery stores, throwing trash to name a few. As the kids go mature, the obligations of the family also get bigger for example, which schools to send their homework, the kids, taking them and bringing them from school, talking to them to see if they are doing OK etc. These require unity, coordination and cooperation of both the parents. Soon the kids will grow up and attend all the way to High School and probably even pick for going to university. But the parents will have to intervene on a regular basis, taking advice of their children if they’re doing OK. So it’s to be a disciplined and unified family with discipline and unity jogging from parents to their children. One day some of these children will become the manager of a company, vice chancellor of an university and the president of a country.

A manager of a business, for instance, files a list of jobs for his business with assistance from his helper(s). Shortly the task provider is going to distribute jobs among team leaders that are appropriate. The team leader of each team is going to dole out sub-jobs to his team members, knowing his team members’ competence, weaknesses and strengths. The business is going to run efficiently. It is following a set of efficient rules and principles or an excellent system. But the manager has to continue to file listing of jobs afresh from time to time and the procedure continues. This is one example of bringing unity among working people and there is every strength in the procedure because it is an one that is highly unified.

As another example, an university runs. He shouldn’t deviate too much from existing rules and principles but conforming to existing ones, he should review them and improve a little once in a while. For instance, the holding of assessments, the course lectures, the students’ tuition fees, appointment of new teachers, the list of vacancies, the library management, the laboratories’ management, the cafeteria management etc. should all fall into a regular rhythm. The vice-chancellor alongside his subordinates, just like the supervisor of a company, sits in a meeting and resolves issues in any of these sectors and considers to bring about developments (yet not dramatically), setting forth co-ordination, integrity and flexibility into the full procedure.

The same is accurate. The constitution is there, the rules, principles all set out there. He only needs to abide by them, again improving the strategies to some extent for union and the betterment of individuals of his country. But as I said before, just a little adjustment is emphasized by me without breaking any rules parts of the procedure will start to suffer.

To summarize, the more integrated and coordinated a family, the better the family will give birth to a supervisor of a business, vice chancellor of an university or president of a country, bringing in more unity and co-ordination among a state.

How Money Shapes Our Lives

We all have memories of our encounters with cash when we were kids. On special occasions, a check in a card for our special parties or a silver dollar was always welcome and ex- mentioning. However, we had a very small view of what cash was and what it can and cannot do.

The old we got the understanding of how money works began to intrigue us and the wheels of our head would start churning of only thinking of what we desire instead to what we could now desire. We all grew up and money management grew right along with us or so we expected it would. We could save some, spend some, give away some and with enough effort car, a new house, or holiday was in our means. Perhaps – however with what’s considered “plastic” money, we were tempted and even encouraged to “live beyond our means.” If we needed something that old adage of hard work and saving could be tucked away in a drawer until we loved life, and did what we needed and when we wanted to do it.

Because new credit card offers filled the mailboxes of even high school pupils the world and we were collaborating. You could be free to not only dream but to have your dream and enjoy it while you were still young. Christmas gifts were a lot more expensive and complex, and weddings and other occasions that are significant cost more but we were definitely worth it.

The world is currently distinct and while our needs and expectations have changed along with our lifestyles, we’re now part of a market that crosses borders and what happens in countries across the world affects us. It’s a little sobering to recognize that QE programs and trade deficits, futures can and will make a difference in our cash aims and fantasies. We can choose a class to learn more about these terms but that will not give us the confidence that we’re totally in charge of what we have, what we earn, and what our future financial universe will be. We are part of a world market whether we like it or not. Other costs, referendums, authorities fees and taxes do grow and we must pay them. Age brings with it life changes including family needs, home, and medical. Before we get the check home our pay check can be divided up and a dozen hands. We begin to realize that our demands are coming to the vanguard and our desires are most often than not put on the back burner. Why is this occurring and how will it turn out?

The principal word in a changing and sometimes confounding money world is “be prepared.” This was a scouting byword and now it can be our lifesaver if we recognize its strength and its possibilities. Every individual has different conditions and many may be in a place restrained and undermining others, but whatever you confront, being prepared can smooth the trail and iron out the wrinkles of whatever financial headache we may meet. It’s never too late to sit down and learn where you stand in your cash world, and what the challenges might be. There are solutions to cope but it can be a means to an end only if you take the time to understand that while cash should never be your goal in life. Taking small measures in your requirements, your debt, and your duties to maintain what has to be done can relieve some of the anxiety. With each further step, the “additional” items can be factored in and managed. This is the time to use capabilities, initiation, imagination and self control so that not only are today’s “cash” scenarios matched but tomorrow’s needs are handled and peace and serenity can reign in your heart, your house, and in your grownup “piggy bank.”

A Letter To My Children (Not Mine)

It was a wonderful week. My loving husband and I took long walks on the shore with her, we all hung out at the swimming pool (some of us reading and some swimming), we went to the theater, had lunch at her favorite beach side restaurant and spent many hours simply talking, catching up on all the time we’re not together. I and she squeezed in several hours of shopping time. The time flew by and it felt like she’d just arrived, when we said goodbye at the airport. I ‘m counting the days until her next visit.

Our oldest daughter, son in law and granddaughter will arrive in June for the stay of a week. We seen them about six weeks ago and our daughter consistently does everything she can think about to make us comfortable. She and our son-in-law give us the living room (and the couch with the pull out bed) as our room for the time we’re there. She bought new sheets and pillows for our bed, cleaned out drawers for our use and laid out clean towels in the bathroom. The first night, she had dinner prepared for us. She had worked hard to be sure we were comfy and we were. That left us tons of time to spend with our granddaughter and with them. We took walks to the shopping center, seen our son in law’s family and played games in the kitchen.

About per month ago, our youngest, our son, drove to our house from the Tampa Airport, wedging in a day and a half to a work assignment in Miami on his way with us. In January, we visited our daughter-in-law and him at their home. They organized dinner for us, helped us find our way around and met with us for lunch. Our son is like Houdini; he constantly appears when we need him. When I had a knee replacement, he surprised me by traveling to Bradenton and appearing in the hospital on the day after surgery. He was an enormous help and offered his services when we had a family emergency far from our home. He never left my side when his dad was ill. We will see our son and daughter-in-law in July and I am counting the days.

They’ve been a huge presence in our lives, even as they have constructed their own lives, even though our three children don’t live near us. Although they truly are adults, they may be still our children and my loving husband and I still worry about them, as do all parents. On the other hand, the things we worry about have changed to larger problems: Are they working too hard? Are they eating? Have they made an appointment for a check-up or an annual physical at the dentist? Are their occupations stable and are they putting away money for the future? We have learned what our parents learned before us and their parents before them; once you’re a parent, you’re always a parent. It is impossible to let go.

Obviously, it hasn’t always been like this. Each of them pulled during her or his late adolescence or early twenties. Although those were difficult times for us and probably for them, this is normal, something all our kids must do to find their own means to becoming adults. We kept in touch and they came back when they were ready, each in his or her own manner and we welcomed them with open and relief arms.

What I expect they never become is our caretakers. But then, that is part of parenting also.

We tease our kids they continue to come home because we live in Florida, only two and one-half miles from a wonderful beach. But they continue to assure us that, even though that’s a bonus, it’s us they come to see. This, for me, is the frosting on the cake I would count the days until I would be going home and because my visits to my parents were often challenging. I ‘m really thankful, although I don’t understand what my husband and I did or didn’t do to create this mindset.

How To Plan Your Next Family Reunion

First, consider what you need for a fun, successful family reunion! And then find all the areas where you have all those things. And find a means to do that all, the easy method.

Years ago, the family reunions, generally, were held at one home and generally it was one man who had the duty and the work of the entire reunion. In this post, I offer ways that the planning and the work can be shared among many or a few of the family.

Consider whether there are babies or young children, and make sure there are locations or activities where these babies and children can fit in and enjoy themselves. Then consider the age and the experiences and health of the other family members. Make note of how people will arrive at the appointed spot and make note of who will go with whom, etc.

The last thing to do is to develop the list once you have all your research done. And possibly, set up a ’round robin’ to cover all bases. The round robin is that other man calls another individual and when one person calls a person on the invitation list. This way one man does not have to make all the phone calls. Request individuals to respond in writing or by email.

If you’re creative or extremely daring, you can set up a free, private website for the family reunion.

For instance, if you set up a website at open diary or at WordPress another blog site, you have them answer right there to the web site and can give the code to all the family members that are elderly. All answers will be private and only family members will see the answers. Things are simplified by having all this invite info convenient in one spot. Or you can simply do a group email. But if you do a group email have the one who is planning the entire occasion, or the chief individual, have a brand-new email account that is different –separate from their regular e-mail account. Everything related to the family reunion goes there and does not get confused with any of your regular email addresses. This is to ensure that nobody is invited (like strangers etc) who is not presumed to be invited.

Now, obviously, no invites are sent out until the date and the time, and the place is chosen, etc.

Now, for places, for thoughts, think about this. What about having a family reunion at a festival or at a fair, a local one. Or maybe having it at country fair or an extremely substantial state fair? If you do that, all the minor and nearly all the major details of the family reunion are settled (through the fair). So, players will get to the fair and carpools can be given by them to those people who have no automobiles. And the food is already managed—at the fair. All you must do is locate a central meeting place to enjoy your meals together, since most fairs have an abundance of food. And if everyone needs it, you may even order in advance to get t shirts for all family members. Make sure to order extras for those who cannot attend the reunion; they might merely need a t shirt. It can be worn by them to the next reunion!

Don’t forget to place it in the invitation the date that the family will be attending the fair if you’re proceeding to a fair that’s more than one day.

Now, if the fair is too large an idea for you, you can probably rent out an area in any state park that’s near you. We leased a building at the Belmont Lake State park. And the building had tables, electricity and a sink. We leased the building just in case I t would rain although you had the choice to lease the building or just the open air pavilion. And outside the building there were more and more picnic tables for our lunches. And yes, there were BBQ tables additionally. The park was wonderful, complete with tables, a beautiful lake, green grass trees with swan boats!

Important note: Don’t merely arrive there with your group. Virtually all of the parks have limitations on parties -by the number. In other words, if you plan on having more than 25 individuals, you might want a permit.

Another thought is renting out a camping area! One individual can bring a number of tents… The whole family reunion can be a fantastic outdoors adventure, a camping experience.

There are plenty from. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Come back again, here and check out the other thoughts in our future posts.

What’s Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

Recently, I was asked if I had a favorite, critical place where I felt happy when I was a child. I breathed in deeply and shut my eyes to think. Smiling and sighing with contentment, I watched as numerous images from long passed through my mind. I stopped and smiled the chain of images when I saw my backyard.

I looked around. There was the rope-swing my father had made for me hanging from the big old oak tree in the centre of the yard. It was huge and square and painted red. I recalled the day the truck came to empty the largest load of sand I’d ever seen. It was like the entire beach. My eyes got huge and I could feel my entire body quiver with delight. I could barely wait for the next day although I reluctantly obeyed her.

The backdoor slammed behind me as my seven-year old self rushed down the stairs in my naked feet. It was 1957, summer vacation, and today I was excited to play “bakery” in my sandbox. I got into the large wooden carton my dad laughed as I wiggled my toes in the sand and made. Subsequently I began arranging various size containers in front of me. I poured damp sand into the pail with my spade. I quickly turned it upside down on a wooden board, wiped my sandy hands on my shorts and patted it down making sure it was level. Holding my breath, I pulled up the pail. I smiled at the moulded sand creation I ‘d made. I cried,”HOORAY!” as I smoothed out the sides a little. “This is going to be the best cake ever!”

I ran over to the flowers that my Mommy said I could use. I picked several and ran back to my cake. I place one around the bottom, The last four I softly shoved into the sides on top and the others. I picked up seven sticks and put them in the top of the cake for candles. My first cake was done! I loaded up a cup and ran back to the sandbox, patted it, turned it around and lifted off the cup. I did. A little pile of rocks gathered and picked some violets to decorate them. I ordered them alongside my cake and stood back to admire my work. I ran to the house, located Mother and pulled her outside to the sandbox. When she saw what I ‘d done she said, “What a lovely bakery!””How much for everything?” “25 cents!” I announced. “I will take everything!” Mommy said with a grin and a hug as she put a kiss in the middle of my hand instead of 25 cents!

I ‘ve a bit of a Peter Pan character. I love to have fun and see others have fun. I adore people in general and children particularly. Did you love going “back in time” with me now? Did you remember a place that is significant from your youth? Please take a minute to comment on this post as well as I would like to know where your special area was. I would really enjoy reading that.

Should I Get A Nanny Or An Au Pair

So here are my thoughts. Both au pairs and nannies look after other people’s kids on a daily basis. Your home may be lived in by both and both will probably form a powerful bond with your whole family unit. While the duties are similar hiring a nanny and hiring an au pair are two things that are different and here’s why.

A nanny is a professional care giver, he or she is someone who has a foundation in early childhood education, and it is their profession alternative to nanny children. Nannies can either live in the household with the family they work for or can just commute to and from work every day.

Nannies are generally local, that’s they live in and around the neighbourhood where they will work. The general rule of thumb is they already know their way around the city which is perfect if part of their job is to take your kids to play dates or actions outside the dwelling, although of course some may be from out of town.

Nannies get a weekly salary and if they’re in, board and their own room. Merely because they live with the family doesn’t mean that they are on call 24/7, as the job is their profession and they take breaks from that job at regular times.

That is, they come to learn the culture and ideals here while taking care of kids and thus acquiring an area to stay while in the nation. Having a foreign au pair in the house is great for the kids who can learn a different language, different music and a whole customs that is different from this girl who’s taking care of them.

Au Pairs don’t always have to have the credentials that a nanny commonly has, they have to like children of course, but it may not be their career option.

Generally an au pair is a good option if your children are more self sufficient and older, but both can be considered as you look for the best choice for you youngsters.

Tips for a Beautiful Home and Garden

Home and Furniture

Are you planning to buy a home in the recent future? Do you plan to renovate your old house and provide it a refreshing look? We all have such small, big desires regarding our homes causing all of us think about that perfect home of ours. But regardless of how hard we try, we very often jumble up colors, themes, decorative pieces and make a clutter in the house. And at that period of time the house starts looking similar to a curio shop when compared to a home. Certainly none people want that. There is absolutely no have to be sad. All you need is a little inspiration which you’ll want to easily draw from the home decor related programs on DISH Network.

Furniture with butt joints that’s, while using two components of wood brought flush together and screwed or glued is not worth the price, used or new. A good time to make a start in buying secondhand is when you furnish an additional room, change from nursery to children’s bedroom, or equip the den having a refrigerator of its own.

A wide range of metal and wood table tops and bases an overall total coordinated design statement with the vast collection of seating is perfect for your home. You can use matching iron, metal or oak and beech wood swivel barstools, plus wooden & metal kitchen counter stools you’ll be able to customize along with your choice of finishes.

Before you buy anything, check each company thoroughly. Each company operates differently. Some will have you buy individual insurance for items over a certain value, a few will add waivers to polices and never cover certain items. You need to read and understand your policy cautiously before just if you are covered for problems that could occur.

If you need a larger shed, then Rubbermaid carries a very large number of storage units to meet your requirements. A very popular form of storage unit could be the Rubbermaid vertical storage shed. This kind of vertical shed is great for storing long-handled tools like spades, garden forks, or rakes. The vertical storage unit may be fitted with shelves, and features a double door that can be locked for security.

Furniture with butt joints that is certainly, using the two pieces of wood brought flush together and screwed or glued just isn’t worth the price, pre-owned. A good time to generate a start in buying secondhand happens when you furnish an extra room, change from nursery to children’s bedroom, or equip the den having a refrigerator of the company’s own.


Garden lighting can be done in several options. If your garden is large and you have several types of shrubs inside it you can go for fairy lights in colors of white, green and blue etc. for those who have a program during the night you can select a single color fairy light net. Just chuck the ball nest in the bush and this will start glowing right after sunset. If your house carries a long driveway that has foliage prearranged on both sides, it’s a good idea to placed wall mounted garden light.

As gardeners, everybody knows that the right tools are crucial for growing the most effective produce. Yet, many people either have our little ones use our tools or buy them little plastic garden toy tools and allow them play in the dirt while we do the serious gardening. Neither of these options, however, helps them learn or offers ways to help.